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NOI NEXT - is a research and development company specialized in creating new types of medical equipment with a headquarter located in Dubai, UAE.


The company background comes to 2007 when group of enthusiasts in collaboration with surgeons from world leading institutions suggested innovative approaches to the development of medical equipment especially external fixation devices for limb reconstruction. Innovative solutions in hardware and software were defended with patents and used by world leading manufactures.

The main projects of the company

  • Development of automated ring-frame (Ilizarov) device for limb lengthening;

  • Development computer-aided system for limb lengthening;

  • Development of force measuring system for the hexapod frame device;

  • Development of automated computer-aided hexapod device for limb lengthening and recontraction;

  • Development of method and software for determining the real size and position of bone fragments in three-dimensional space based on the analysis of standard x-ray images.

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NOI NEXT today

Nowadays specialists of the company in collaboration with surgeons from world leading orthopaedic hospitals successfully works on the development of innovative and perspective orthopedic systems for limb lengthening and reconstruction based on the technologies of machine learning and AI.